Saturday, September 18, 2010

I had forgotten my codes

It isn't simple remembering what code you need to get into blogger....... that is if you a busy mom as I am. Now that my life is slowing down I thought it was time to up date my blog. Since my last post I have sent our second child off to college. Teary as I was it was a good thing. I miss our oldest girls everyday but I'm proud of them and what they are doing. The world is going to get a couple of really great young woman. Moving day is a day I won't forget and have the photos to show it.

Friday, April 24, 2009

I'm late I'm late to blog today

So this starts the silly weekend. I may or may not have time to knit. Last night I had time to knit but no time to blog about it this morning.
First things first. I finished a my (now Lindsay's) so ho bag. I need to start another one for me and my sock knitting. Do I have a photo no your just going to have to take my word for it. Me I popped it into the washer before I took a photo.
My stitch count for yesterday was a sad 3456 stitches.
If today keeps going the way I think it will I won't have much to report for the weekend. Back to knitting. Hope all of you have a great weekend.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Best laid plans

I had planned to post this morning but being mom just got in the way. The fact that I got up a little late didn't help. After a morning of knitting I'm home for a moment and at the computer. At times being a mom just gets in the way of my knitting.

Back to the facts I know I can wander away.

I started a new So Ho Sling bag with some stay wool I had. This time I'm knitting the handles before I knit the tube. I want to see how it turns out. Even as I'm knitting up this bag I thinking of how I can change it make it better. Maybe another is in the future.

How much did I knit well I will tell you. I knit 60 rounds of 108 stitches = 6480 and 142 rows of 8 stitches = 1136 sts. That means I knit 7616 sts. Not bad. Well back to being mom and knitting. :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I would be easy just to skip today

Today didn't start well. Kids didn't want to get up. Morning came to early and I have a lot of running around to do to get prepared for the weekend and Racheal's first Holy Comunion. So when I say it would be just so easy to skip the day and promise to update the blog later today or even tommorow. If I didn't put it off I would keep on putting it off because it would be easy. No as bad as yesturday was knitting. (hardly any time at all knitting) I will post.
I finished the So Ho Sling. Just 3500 stitches yesturday and I don't know if I will have much time today. This makes me remember what my grandmother and so many other grandmothers would say. "Make hay while the sun shines."
Maybe the sun will shine a bit today. :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A mitten for me

I haven't made mittens for some time. That is until yesturday when I made a mitten for me. Didn't know it would be for me. It was supose to be for someone much smaller. If I had kept to that pland I would have enough for 2 mittens. As it is now I don't think I have enough. Now in the back of my brain I keep thinking I have another ball of this yarn. Yes I'm sure I do. It will just take a bit more stash diving. Now if I don't blog in the next couple of days call the athoritys the stash has eaten me. A problem with plan no one reads this blog but me. Oh well. On with the projects.

I knit 12 rows on my sock. 720 stitches.

My mitten yeilded 2100 stitches and a finished project.

I started a new project it is called a So Ho Sling from "Bags a knitters dozen" I recomend the book. A well seasoned knitter such as I am can still learn something and this book taught me that.

So Ho Sling bag yeiled 4500 stitiches last night.

My total for the day is= 7320

Monday, April 20, 2009

Sunday knitting

Wow I had some really great knitting time. It is nice to start the week with a great number of stitches knit and 2 projects done. I finished Racheals' Christmas sweater. It was a really great project and I may have to knit up another one. Not because I'm so in love with the sweater I have to have two for Racheal rather I am not sure if this sweater will fit her. Hubby looked at the finished sweater and wrinkled up his nose and eye brows that is never a good sign. "Are you sure that is going to fit her." Well I was sure before I showed it to him. Now when I look at it I'm not so sure. Any way to finish up the questionable sweater I knit 5216 stitches. Not bad, not bad in dead. I have a ball of yarn left over and what did I do well I'll tell you I knit up a preemie hat. Judging by the yarn I still have left over a pair of mittens may be next. It took 596 stitches to knit up the preemie hat. I always knew they were a quick knit but now I have the proof.

The blanket. What a great project to knit while watching a movie. Hubby and I got to watch a movie last night and I knit on the blanket. I got to row 95 of the ever increasing blanket and love how it looks. 2467 stitches while watching a movie. Could be I may develope an affection to movie watching.

The grand total for stitches Sunday= 8376.

My best total yet. What will other days turn out to be we will have to see.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Another day down

Saturday didn't turnout like I had thought. In fact personaly and knitting challenge wise much better. I knit for a good part of the day and had a nice date with my husband later that night. How could it get any better.

I mainly worked on Racheals' Christmas sweater. Instead of taking my footie knitting with me I took the sleeve to Racheals'. Amazed yes I am amazed how fast this sweater is zipping along. Right now I have Sundays special breakfast in the oven and when I done with this blogg I'll be off to eat clean up and knit. Just how much I will be able to knit who knows but I will tell you Monday.

Down to the facts. As you can see I didn't knit much on my footie only 3 rows - 180 stitches.

Didn't knit on my blanket maybe tonight. I did get some reall nice work done on Racheals' sweater. 2 sleeves = 2653 stitches per sleeve x 2 because I knit both sleeves = 5306. I knit 8 rows on the yoke 200 stitches x 8 rows= 1600. My total for the day is 7086. Not bad for a day I didn't think I would get time to knit.