Thursday, April 23, 2009

Best laid plans

I had planned to post this morning but being mom just got in the way. The fact that I got up a little late didn't help. After a morning of knitting I'm home for a moment and at the computer. At times being a mom just gets in the way of my knitting.

Back to the facts I know I can wander away.

I started a new So Ho Sling bag with some stay wool I had. This time I'm knitting the handles before I knit the tube. I want to see how it turns out. Even as I'm knitting up this bag I thinking of how I can change it make it better. Maybe another is in the future.

How much did I knit well I will tell you. I knit 60 rounds of 108 stitches = 6480 and 142 rows of 8 stitches = 1136 sts. That means I knit 7616 sts. Not bad. Well back to being mom and knitting. :)

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