Monday, April 20, 2009

Sunday knitting

Wow I had some really great knitting time. It is nice to start the week with a great number of stitches knit and 2 projects done. I finished Racheals' Christmas sweater. It was a really great project and I may have to knit up another one. Not because I'm so in love with the sweater I have to have two for Racheal rather I am not sure if this sweater will fit her. Hubby looked at the finished sweater and wrinkled up his nose and eye brows that is never a good sign. "Are you sure that is going to fit her." Well I was sure before I showed it to him. Now when I look at it I'm not so sure. Any way to finish up the questionable sweater I knit 5216 stitches. Not bad, not bad in dead. I have a ball of yarn left over and what did I do well I'll tell you I knit up a preemie hat. Judging by the yarn I still have left over a pair of mittens may be next. It took 596 stitches to knit up the preemie hat. I always knew they were a quick knit but now I have the proof.

The blanket. What a great project to knit while watching a movie. Hubby and I got to watch a movie last night and I knit on the blanket. I got to row 95 of the ever increasing blanket and love how it looks. 2467 stitches while watching a movie. Could be I may develope an affection to movie watching.

The grand total for stitches Sunday= 8376.

My best total yet. What will other days turn out to be we will have to see.

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