Sunday, April 19, 2009

Another day down

Saturday didn't turnout like I had thought. In fact personaly and knitting challenge wise much better. I knit for a good part of the day and had a nice date with my husband later that night. How could it get any better.

I mainly worked on Racheals' Christmas sweater. Instead of taking my footie knitting with me I took the sleeve to Racheals'. Amazed yes I am amazed how fast this sweater is zipping along. Right now I have Sundays special breakfast in the oven and when I done with this blogg I'll be off to eat clean up and knit. Just how much I will be able to knit who knows but I will tell you Monday.

Down to the facts. As you can see I didn't knit much on my footie only 3 rows - 180 stitches.

Didn't knit on my blanket maybe tonight. I did get some reall nice work done on Racheals' sweater. 2 sleeves = 2653 stitches per sleeve x 2 because I knit both sleeves = 5306. I knit 8 rows on the yoke 200 stitches x 8 rows= 1600. My total for the day is 7086. Not bad for a day I didn't think I would get time to knit.

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