Friday, April 17, 2009

A knitting challenge

I have long since know I love to rise up and meet a challenge. In the back of my brain I have had this thought and wanted to see how far I could take it.

Knitting has become my addiction. Now I'm not trying to kick the habit not by a long stretch, just the opposite. For one year starting April 16th (day after tax day) I will keep track of what I knit and how much I knit(stitch count). To keep track of my knitting I thought I would use this blog.

Yesturday I started knitting. Every project I started from new and this is how much I knit.

#1.+ #2. Project. A simple pair of toe up socks. I cast on for a 60 stitch sock. Not bad for the first day. This is the project I keep in my handbag and keep it for anytime I'm standing in line waiting out side a classroom or just when I have a minute to spair.

#3. A knitted lace round Cloth. I got the pattern off of Knitting pattern central and it is designed by Rhonda White. I'm not useing this cloth to was dishes rather as a preemie blanket. In any of the preemie sites they list the blankets as having to by 12x12 they didn't say anything about being squair. I started it and finished it yesturday. Today I will take it to April for her little preemie girl.

#4. I started a blanket. What or who it is for I don't know I just wanted to knit a blanket. Most times I have a sweater on my needles I just don't have one right now. That may change this weekend.
So here I start my challenge so I can see just how much I knit in a year and just how many stitches I knit. Today my total is 7142. What will be the total tommorow?

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